The Quest for Food

I came to Sri Lanka for different reasons compared to the other teachers here so my experience is a little different. While I’m ethnically Sri Lankan, I was born and raised in the UK. When landing in Sri Lanka I was welcomed with many confused faces of ‘She looks Sri Lankan but she doesn’t sound Sri Lankan’.

I came to Sri Lanka with a different intention; I had a longing for Sri Lankan food! Oh, and to see family (I have to mention them).

When I landed, the hugging sun welcomed me and my quest for food started. I searched high and low for the best food Sri Lanka had to offer and I found it at every turn I took. Living in the UK, I saw only a fraction of what Sri Lanka had to offer gastronomically. Everything can be turned into a curry. Seeing mangoes, jackfruit, cashews – some of the more unusual foods, in my mind –  being used in curries would make my mouth water every time.

While on my quest for food, I met Sebastian from SVS and he told me about the school and what they were doing in Sri Lanka. I am a teacher myself so I felt compelled to join them. I have never taught adults before so for me this was a big change but the training I got from the senior teachers helped me a great deal. I accidently keep referring to the students as kids which is a habit I find hard to break; I also really struggle with the names but other than that I have had no problems.

All the students are very friendly and bring in food almost on a daily basis, which really helps my quest for food – but not my waistline! Overall, it was refreshing for me to see their eagerness for learning English. I am used to kids [there I go again! I mean, students!] being ‘too cool’ to learn a new language as they do not see the benefits it can bring them; so seeing individuals wanting to learn touched my heart. While teaching the course you become attached to the students very easily and it’s very hard to say goodbye.

I’ve had great fun teaching at SVS and one thing that I really enjoy about the team, is that we all sit down together for lunch and dinner and chat about our days or about our families. It makes moving to a new country a lot easier.


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