International Day & Ten Years of Success

img_6642International day came and went here at SVS.  For this momentous day, we celebrated the diversity of our student body and the end of term.  You wouldn’t think it but there are many students who come from abroad to study here at the school.  In my class alone I had students from Myanmar, Cambodia, Maldives, Thailand, South Korea, China and of course Sri Lanka!

img_7045The day started off nice and early at 9 am with a schedule of performances that included dancing, singing, poetry, speeches and culminated in a feast of home-cooked food that the students themselves prepared.  It was a great pleasure to listen to popular Sinhala and Tamil songs sung by the students representing Sri Lanka.  The students representing Cambodia consisted mainly of monks so they performed a mesmerising Buddhist Chant that calmed the crowd.  img_6930Of the performances, my personal favourite was the Peacock Dance.  A traditional Maldivian dance, danced by the daughter of one of our amazing students.  It was really well choreographed and also adorable to watch. img_6836 After this a fashion show took place and I was able to see the traditional dress of places such as Vietnam, Sri Lanka, China, India and so forth.  I, of course, represented the U.S.A in my finest threads. img_7218 After this finished everyone looked quite hungry and then rushed inside to eat the awaiting food.  The Turkish students made sweets.  The Chinese, Tibetan, and Nepalese students brought their distinct versions of dumplings.  The Cambodians made sweet sticky coconut rice with sesame.  The Myanmar made fried goard.  The Vietnamese made spring rolls of different varieties.  The British and American teachers made world renown sandwiches and cakes for the students to try.  And not to be outdone the Sri Lankans prepared a bevvy of fruits, vegetables, & snacks that are eaten every day here.  My favourite was the Del, a.k.a young baby Jackfruit.  img_6651At this point, I was then rushed by groups of students seeking selfies and 200 pictures later ran off to try more food. This day involved months of planning and coordination and it was a joy to see it all come together at last.  Looking forward to the next one and congratulations to SVS on 10 years of success.img_6777


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