The Trinco trip

An SVS teacher cannot fall short of ideas when it comes to weekend getaways in Sri Lanka. Whether you’re looking for some relaxing time by the beach, treks in the mountains, cultural activities or safari tours, the country will appeal to any teacher yearning for adventure, tranquility and diversity.

We, teachers, opted for a mix of relaxation, sun and adventure on the last weekend of April, as we all headed up North to Trincomalee. Going to sleep in an air-conditioned bus in Colombo and waking up six hours later to the rising sun in Trincomalee felt surreal, as the setting had changed so quickly. Coming from a city where beaches are only reachable by aeroplane, it is quite a treat to have my favourite place so close to my temporary home in Colombo.

As the North Eastern Province’s major port city was slowly waking up on Saturday morning, Karen and I wandered the quiet streets of Trincomalee, leading us to Koreswaram Temple. With very few people awake, we could sense the peacefulness that surrounded this sacred place. We had the delightful surprise of attending the morning pooja, which took place overlooking the Indian Ocean.



Excited and eager to see more of Trincomalee, we met up with the remaining teachers at French Garden Regish Guest House to continue the fun. We decided to enjoy Uppuveli Beach for a refreshing swim and then hopped on scooters to discover the rest of the city. The views were breathtaking as we rode to Marble Beach, where calmness seemed to have spread across the shore instead of agitated waves that we had previously seen at Uppuveli.


Making sure to optimize our time in Trincomalee, we then headed to Nilaveli Beach for a short visit, where we saw many locals playing and laughing in the water. We finally returned to Uppuveli for food & drinks at Fernando’s Beach Bar and caught a glimpse of the setting sun.  Shortly after a few games of Uno and our sing-along session, my body was slowing giving up on me. I couldn’t help but doze off to the sound of the waves…

Then came along a thrilling Sunday! The teachers and I couldn’t bear our excitement any longer: we were going to Pigeon Island, reputed for its snorkelling and its overall beauty. The Island clearly (and literally), lived up to my expectations. As a newly certified diver and avid lover of marine life, I was impressed by how much I could see at such a close distance to the water surface. Reef sharks and colourful fishes were all at a hand touch away!


The weekend was nearing its end- after a last bathe in the ocean and delicious food at Rice N’ Curry, it was sadly time to part ways with Trincomalee…

After this escapade, I came to realize that not only does Sri Lanka not fall short of ideas for weekend getaways, but it also does not fall short of creating memories… As long as you pack your smile, good mood and sense of adventure, you are bound to have a good time! Let’s ‘’Trinc’’ to good times with good people!


~ Justine Chalifour ~


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