Popcorn, sponges & trophies: SVS Carnival 2017

SVS volunteer English teacher Kely shares her experience of the school's 2017 Carnival celebration.


How to travel in Sri Lanka on a budget

Time off from teaching? Here’s how the SVS teachers recommend seeing the stunning island of Sri Lanka – without spending all of your rupees.

6 Spots Not to Miss!

Bundala National Park Nestled on the South coast this park is much smaller than its well-known siblings Yala and Udawalawe. Whilst there are no leopards, there are elephants, crocodiles and exceptional opportunities for bird watching. It can easily be visited in a morning or an afternoon and you are likely to be the only jeep... Continue Reading →

Who Teaches The Teachers?

irThe biggest concern I had when I signed up to volunteer at SVS was whether I would do justice to my role as an English Teacher. What if I didn’t know my grammar as well as I thought I did? What if the students asked me a question and I didn’t know how to explain... Continue Reading →

From the last bench to the blackboard

Having only graduated the previous month with a bachelor's degree in life sciences, I hadn't the slightest idea what the job of an EFL teacher entailed. Wide-eyed and overly optimistic about my gap year where I was determined to do some 'soul-searching' and 'giving back', I packed my bags for the land down south. Although... Continue Reading →

South Coast Beaches

One of the benefits of being in Colombo is the ease of travelling on the weekends. There are endless temples, tea plantations and cultural sights to see, but for a bit of RnR, the best destinations during the South-West dry season are undoubtedly the beaches on the South Coast. Here are a few of my... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Things to Do Around Colombo

Curiosity hasn’t killed this cat---yet! There are many wonderful things to do in Sri Lanka. But the biggest posed question has been, what to do in Colombo?! Well, I am here to guide you and show you what a wonderful time you can have within Colombo to tame your adventurous spirit. 10 . Life Changing... Continue Reading →

The Trinco trip

An SVS teacher cannot fall short of ideas when it comes to weekend getaways in Sri Lanka. Whether you’re looking for some relaxing time by the beach, treks in the mountains, cultural activities or safari tours, the country will appeal to any teacher yearning for adventure, tranquility and diversity. We, teachers, opted for a mix... Continue Reading →

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