The Trinco trip

An SVS teacher cannot fall short of ideas when it comes to weekend getaways in Sri Lanka. Whether you’re looking for some relaxing time by the beach, treks in the mountains, cultural activities or safari tours, the country will appeal to any teacher yearning for adventure, tranquility and diversity. We, teachers, opted for a mix... Continue Reading →


Lights Will Guide You Home

  One of the best things about living in a country for as long as we teachers do in Sri Lanka, is that you get to immerse yourself in its culture.You get to become more than a bystander. And we got to do just that, with Vesak. Vesak - a Buddhist festival commemorating the birth,... Continue Reading →

Ayubowan Colombo!

For the longest time, it didn’t really hit me that I’d be moving to Sri Lanka to teach English - for nearly half a year too.  As a South Indian brought up in Dubai, I’d seen my share of sun & rain and rice & curry. How different could it really be? It didn’t help... Continue Reading →

The View from Bible Rock

I haven’t yet travelled a lot of Sri Lanka – though on more than one occasion already the view from the bus window has been worth the ticket – but the pattern so far is one of asking around and figuring it out on the hoof. Getting to Bible Rock (Bathalegala in Sinhala) fit that... Continue Reading →

Learning lessons

As I was so graciously reminded by a not-so-subtle advertisement for a local bank on the side of the road near our school in Colombo— “Selfless people make the world better” — but are my intentions truly selfless? Or selfish? I came to SVS with the preconceived notion that my work would somehow make a... Continue Reading →

Second innings

“I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself.” – Maya Angelou 16th December, 2016 This is the last day of the term and my last day at SVS. I’ve had a last day of term before but this one is bittersweet. Today also marks my end of term... Continue Reading →

A fond farewell

I’m currently sat in the departures lounge at Colombo Airport, and London Heathrow is the destination showing on my gate. For me, departure lounges at airports are special places – they are places in which to reflect, recall and remember my experiences from the country that I am leaving. Whilst this is always a special... Continue Reading →

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