Spring rolls, lions and Hindi club bangers: SVS International Day 2017

SVS volunteer teacher Beatrice Egid shares her experience of a vibrant and varied International Day in November 2017.


6 Spots Not to Miss!

Bundala National Park Nestled on the South coast this park is much smaller than its well-known siblings Yala and Udawalawe. Whilst there are no leopards, there are elephants, crocodiles and exceptional opportunities for bird watching. It can easily be visited in a morning or an afternoon and you are likely to be the only jeep... Continue Reading →

Who Teaches The Teachers?

irThe biggest concern I had when I signed up to volunteer at SVS was whether I would do justice to my role as an English Teacher. What if I didn’t know my grammar as well as I thought I did? What if the students asked me a question and I didn’t know how to explain... Continue Reading →

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